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The Wirewatch Device

Peace of mind in a simple device

Wire Watch is the all-in-one kit designed exclusively for guidewire management during complex surgical procedures.

Hands-Free Wire Management

Holds wires in place as you pull them through.

Save Time

Secure and coil wires in seconds without the bulky towels.

Preserve Sterility

Strong adhesive backing prevents loss of access or wire drops.

Streamline Organization

Compact device reduces clutter in the surgical area.

One Size Fits All

The internal foam layer secures 0.014” – 0.035” guidewires in place.

Simplify Identification

Write on the device to easily label different guidewire sizes.

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Client Testimonials

Wire Watch enhances patient care and provides peace of mind, regardless of case complexity or staff experience.

" My top priority is patient safety. Wire Watch provides me with the confidence to focus all my attention on what's in front of me because I'm not worried about what's happening behind me. "

Patrick Neville, MD. BJC HealthCare

" Wire Watch made it faster and easier for me to store, organize, and handle multiple wires in complex cases. My stress level has gone down dramatically because I no longer worry about mishandling wires. "

Joseph Thompson, Lead Tech, Good Samaritan Hospital

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The Wire Watch Kit Includes:

2 Wire Watches

We know procedures often require multiple guidewires, so we've come prepared.

1 Waterproof Marker

Label away with our waterproof and high-contrast marker.

1 Instrument Wipe

The lint and cellulose-free instrument wipe is your convenient helper to clean the guidewires.

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