In mountain climbing, redpoint means to successfully climb a difficult route without rest. Named for a passion of its innovator, Redpoint is an ultra-sensitive laboratory device with the potential to revolutionize nanoscale chemical and biochemical analysis.

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For decades researchers have looked into molecular interactions; however until recently the process was cumbersome, requiring large sample sizes and labels to be added to the samples all with low sensitivity.


Invented in the 1990's, the novel laser based technology was first used as a highly sensitive refractive index detector for microseparation techniques. Using laser light, capillary liquid chromatography, and capillary electrophoresis, the techniques could reach zeptomolar sensitivity in a free solution environment without molecular labeling.

The Approach

The ultimate in lab-on-a-chip techniques, Redpoint capitalizes on revolutionary technology with a compact desktop commercial laser unit combined with a Microsoft Surface laptop that may be used to bring this technology to research labs, pharmaceutical companies, and molecular compound developers everywhere.

  • FOUNDERS Tom, Elliot, Hamish
  • BACKED BY Seedcamp
  • BASED IN Huckletree
  • FOUNDED IN 2015
  • FEATURED IN Techcrunch