Born from the wealth of knowledge at Biotex, BasePair Biotechnologies, Inc., now with over two dozen patents, is transforming the aptamer development industry.

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Base Pair Biotechnologies


Aptamers are single-stranded DNA or RNA molecules selected to bind targets with high selectivity and specificity. Common targets include proteins, peptides, carbohydrates, small molecules and many other compounds. Standard aptamer selection involves multiple rounds of SELEX (the process used to identify Aptamers) to generate an enriched pool of aptamer sequences. It often takes a number of weeks to generate aptamer sequences for a single target, resulting in a highly inefficient process.


Biotex scientists invented exclusive technology enabling simultaneous selection of Aptamers for up to 30 targets. Multiplexed, simultaneous aptamer selection against related targets coupled with deep, next-generation sequencing allows aptamers with unique binding properties to be readily identified via comparative analysis.

The Approach

The technology and original ideas were patented, and funding initially pursued through the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Program at the National Institutes of Health. After demonstrating success with our proprietary process, including development of specific and pan-binders to customer targets, the technology was spun-out into a separate entity, Base Pair Biotechnologies, Inc., in 2012. Private capital was raised to support early stage commercialization and continued technology development.

The Commercialization Stage

Base Pair continues to build upon the initial technology and now has a growing intellectual property portfolio including more than two dozen issued and pending patents as well as numerous trade secrets related to aptamer selection, screening, and sequencing. Additionally, the company has developed proprietary aptamer libraries that contain novel modifications, finding properties, and conformational diversity. Base Pair is currently expanding its commercial and scientific operations as it continues to solve problems for its customers ranging from start-ups to major pharmaceutical and diagnostic companies. Biotex remains a partner and resource on various instrumentation development efforts for the Company. For more information go to

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  • FOUNDED IN 2015
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