From idea to reality in a matter of months, VersaSpine is a patented one stop solution, a single pedicle screw, capable of both anterior and posterior fixation.

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A need for a single pedicle screw which allowed both anterior and posterior fixation using a single screw (as opposed to anterior-posterior combination screws) was both identified and patents filed by VersaSpine, LLC. VersaSpine consulted Biotex originally to help design an initial prototype of the screw, as well as relevant hardware to help place the screw. All of this had to be compatible with placement in a minimally invasive manner.


Optimal screw details (thread pitch and angle, frequency, size, etc.) as well as ergonomic instruments for placement and retrieval of not only the screws, but adjoining plates, rods, and set screws, were all designed in collaboration with Biotex, to create the optimal VersaSpine screw and related instrumentation.

The Client

VersaSpine, LLC is a company dedicated to implementing its dual-ended pedicle screw in helping patients and surgeons simplify a procedure, with quicker recovery and a stronger construct. Comprised of neurosurgeons addressing patient needs based upon their own experiences, VersaSpine sought a company who would be able to create a prototype in an effective, efficient manner, while minimizing costs.

The Approach

Regular collaboration between founders of VersaSpine and Biotex led to realization of the now-patented drawings into actual prototypes. As the project progressed, it became apparent that modifications in design of screws and accessories (such as plates and rods) were both needed and created by Biotex. By the completion of a demonstrable, functional prototype, Biotex had created a set of instrumentation (including the screws and other implants, instruments to implant these, and other parts) necessary for the VersaSpine system to function in a minimally invasive manner. All of this was done in the span of several months, from idea to reality.

  • FOUNDERS Tom, Elliot, Hamish
  • BACKED BY Seedcamp
  • BASED IN Huckletree
  • FOUNDED IN 2015
  • FEATURED IN Techcrunch
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