FDA Cleared, Disposable, Effective. The Phasor Drill enhances neurosurgical and orthopedic procedures and may be conveniently disposed of as medical waste eliminating the biological risk of reprocessing.

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Phasor Health


Current medical drilling solutions have cumbersome equipment, unknown sterility, and worn out, unprepared drills which have caused unnecessarily long patient recovery and procedure times. Non-invasive procedures for brain lesion biopsy, placement of catheters and electrodes, orthopedic extremity fractures, and both neurosurgical and orthopedic spine should truly be non-invasive and easy to access.


Create a sterile, disposable, battery-operated, cordless drill with variable lengths and diameters which has a balanced feel and similar power to current drills used in medical procedures. The drill has to be economical to be disposable.

The Approach

Biotex was involved from the outset, in helping secure intellectual property (IP) for the client, meeting with the client and discussing design requirements, creating design prototypes, and sourcing products at best costs from suppliers (including individual components, molds, and coordinating shipping). In addition, Biotex methodically began and completed the task of achieving 510(K) clearance of the Phasor Drill, basing its decision on predicate devices. Routine client meetings weekly with the entire involved Phasor Health and Biotex team helped address client issues. Navigating the complexities of electrical and mechanical design, along with aesthetic appeal, Biotex was successful in gaining FDA clearance for Phasor Drill. Following FDA clearance, successful production and verification testing has led to the release of the Phasor for clinical use in patients.

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