our Expertise Software Development

We turn your concepts and specifications into modern, enterprise-ready software that meets the highest quality and regulatory standards including HIPAA and HITECH regulations.

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Software Development CUSTOM Software Development

Our software engineers are proficient in modern application and data technologies, pioneering desktop, mobile, and Web applications to promote new frontiers in the field.

Whether for iOS, Android, or the IoT, our engineers follow agile methodology and are trained in responsive design, web portal development, and seamless connectivity.


We understand the importance of efficiency in design, particularly in the medical industry.

Our software applications follow a comprehensive guide for visual, motion, and interactive design, utilizing source code control and bug tracker software for continuous product improvement.


Software Development Cloud Architecture and Services

We specialize in the development and usage of the languages of the cloud, by integrating the latest cloud breakthroughs into customized solutions for our users.

Utilizing Azure, .NET and other platforms, we generate comprehensive designs for full stack development and scalable database architecture.

Software Development visual guidance

We challenge ourselves to build modern and visually compelling apps that synthesize the classic principles of good design with the innovation of technology and science.

Software Development INTERACTIVITY

UI elements such as signifiers and feedback make up the framework for our finger friendly applications and needs revisiting.


Software Development Taking the Risk out of Software Development

At Biotex, Inc., we routinely employ ISO 14971 and IEC 62304 risk management strategies for medical devices and software.

Our engineers are trained to set up both low-level unit tests and higher-level software module integration tests to reduce overall risk of our products.