3D Mechanical Design

Our in-house SolidWorks experts create and render 3D models to quickly transform ideas into detailed designs. Manufacturing processes, materials, tolerances, and tooling create our framework for building reliable products.

Design for Manufacturing

With a wide range of tools at our fingertips, we focus on the use of standard components and modular solutions to simplify complex devices into scalable, manufacturable solutions.

Novel Solutions

Our engineers excel in converting ideas into concepts, sketches, mock ups, prototypes, and ultimately scalable final products.

Analysis and Simulation

Our cross-functional team uses state-of-the art tools for mechanical, thermal and structural simulation to predict product behavior, test innovative concepts, and optimize solutions early in the design and engineering process.

We provide our partners with everything they need to take ideas from concept to commercial-ready products:

  • Design and development under an ISO13485 compliant quality system
  • Regulatory review and strategy
  • Support through final product production.
  • Concept evaluation, ideation and competitive product research including IP development and strategy review.
  • Initial sketches, CAD concepts, Product mock-ups, and working prototypes for rapid visualization.