Low Power Devices

We always strive to achieve better energy efficiency leading to the use of smaller batteries, ultimately making devices more portable.

Battery Powered Devices

Convenience and portability have fueled the trend of using internal batteries as the device power source. We are experienced in designing sophisticated circuitry for battery charging in a safe manner.

Wireless Devices

Wireless LAN and Bluetooth Low Energy Technology enable devices to be monitored and controlled wirelessly. Our team is experienced in using these technologies, which offer superior flexibility and connectivity opportunities.

IEC 60601-1 3rd Edition Compliance

Our engineers put great emphasis on risk management during device design as per ISO 14971. We carefully select certified components which provide a solid foundation for device safety.

Electromagnetic Compatibility

Our EMC design approach ensures that devices will operate seamlessly in their intended environment.

FPGAs for Complex Systems

More processing power and advanced configurability of FPGAs lets our designers run algorithms with cutting edge performance.

We provide our partners with everything they need to take ideas from concept to commercial-ready products:

  • Design and development under an ISO13485 compliant quality system
  • Regulatory review and strategy
  • Support through final product production.
  • Concept evaluation, ideation and competitive product research including IP development and strategy review.
  • Initial sketches, CAD concepts, Product mock-ups, and working prototypes for rapid visualization.