BioTex has developed products from concept to FDA 510(k) cleared medical devices. We’ve spun out two successful commercial entities, Visualase®, Inc, and BasePair BioTechnologies. Visualase® was recently acquired by Medtronic and BasePair continues to demonstrate rapid commercial growth. BioTex continues to work internally and partner with other exciting companies to maintain a pipeline of novel medical technologies at various stages of development.

Acquired by Medtronic

The Visualase device is an MRI-guided laser ablation system which comprises proprietary disposable laser applicator kits and a laser/computer workstation, which are designed to enable minimally invasive ablative surgical procedures. The primary application for the device is in the field of minimally invasive neurosurgery, replacing larger craniotomies with a 3.2mm twist drill access for thermal destruction of unwanted tissue. Because the procedure is less invasive, complication rates, and hospital stays are typically lower than open procedures.

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Base Pair Biotechnologies is the premier aptamer discovery partner offering assurance that a high affinity, high selectivity aptamer will be discovered for your application and offers its customers a total solution for developing novel aptamer-based technologies.  In addition to our numerous institutional customers, we support companies developing products ranging from:

  • basic research detection, to
  • clinical diagnostics, to
  • therapeutic lead development.

Our platform technology is a patented, multiplexed approach to aptamer discovery.  This allows us to offer de novo aptamer discovery services at unprecedented speed and throughput.  You get an aptamer that works even for difficult targets such as post translationally modified proteins and small molecules, as we know the science intimately, can steer you clear of obstacles and even inform you if an aptamer may not be the best option.  You can ensure optimal implementation into your application as we help develop and refine a method for you.  You can buy directly from our industry leading list of catalog aptamers displaying efficacy metrics and our strong track record in aptamer development. Scientists at Base Pair Biotechnologies have been studying aptamers and developing them on a research basis since 2004.

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The intubation of small rodents continues to be an obstacle for researchers. BioLITE provides a simple, reliable, complete system for endotracheal intubation of these animals that provides adequate illumination, is easy to handle, simple to learn, and is durable. The BioLITE system uses fiberoptics to provide intense white light illumination directly where the user needs it by combining the stylet, guidewire, and light source into one component.

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