Product Aesthetics

Our team is committed to transform ideas into functional products with exceptional industrial design and enhanced aesthetics.

Human Factors

We collaborate with our partners to develop smart solutions to everyday challenges.


Through automation, innovation, and an iterative design process, we develop personalized solutions to improve the user experience with optimized workflows.

Interactive Design

Utilizing the anticipated device interactions and operating environment as roadmaps, our team targets comprehensive, flexible, and integrative designs.

Device Packaging

Whether designing for the use on the lab bench or in the operating room, our team envisions robust, cohesive packaging solutions from the onset of each project.

We provide our partners with everything they need to take ideas from concept to commercial-ready products:

  • Design and development under an ISO13485 compliant quality system
  • Regulatory review and strategy
  • Support through final product production.
  • Concept evaluation, ideation and competitive product research including IP development and strategy review.
  • Initial sketches, CAD concepts, Product mock-ups, and working prototypes for rapid visualization.