BioTex is a premier product development accelerator for new medical technology. In addition to our own product portfolio, we partner with entrepreneurs and early stage companies to provide product development, intellectual property guidance, regulatory strategy, and commercial manufacturing. Our team of designers and engineers transform ideas into incredible products that look and work fantastic!

BioTex has secured over $15 million in federal and private grants to create a pipeline of exciting products, two of which were successfully commercialized through spin off companies (Visualase, Inc. – recently acquired by Medtronic, and Base Pair BioTechnologies) and others which were out licensed for commercialization by others. Today, we continue to innovate and partner with others to develop new and exciting medtech products.


BioTex is an ISO 13485 certified and FDA registered medical device manufacturer. We currently operate out of a 9000 sq. ft. research, development, and manufacturing facility located within minutes of the Texas Medical Center in Houston, TX. The space includes a full array of engineering, laboratory, and fabrication tools including dedicated areas for optics, electronics, prototyping and final manufacturing capabilities.