About Us

BioTex specializes in the development, launch, and manufacturing of medical and bio-technologies. We partner with entrepreneurs, start-ups, and established companies to bring concepts to life with our full spectrum of medical device development and manufacturing.

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BioTex is a registered FDA manufacturer and has developed products from concept to FDA 510(k) cleared medical devices. BioTex maintains a pipeline of novel medical technologies at various stages of development.

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Research & Development

BioTex is committed to innovating and developing novel solutions to medical, biomedical, and bio-technology problems. Our current research programs focus on early stage development of both diagnostic and therapeutic medical devices.

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Visualase® System

BioTex was the original developer of the Visualase Thermal Therapy System, an MRI-guided laser ablation system which comprises disposable laser applicator kits and a laser/computer workstation. These devices, now owned and marketed by Medtronic, enable minimally invasive, image-guided, ablative surgical procedures. The primary application for the device is minimally invasive neurosurgery, replacing larger craniotomies with a 3.2mm twist drill access for thermal destruction of unwanted tissue. The technology continues to gain rapid adoption among leading neurosurgery hospitals nationwide.

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Visualase ® System